Quarantined with My Ex! | Truth or Drink | Cut
Would you get back together with your ex if you two were quarantined together?
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Quarantined with My Ex! | Truth or Drink | Cut

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  • TorettoX4 HTH
    TorettoX4 HTH

    Dude Brittany is worse then Chris come on

  • Freddie Coolin
    Freddie Coolin

    Chris probably gay af

  • Brooke Sorenson
    Brooke Sorenson

    OK, when the girl was about to say "I wanted to have sex in a public place" she was doing this fist pounding gesture that made it seem like she was going in a different direction hahahaha

  • Ceci Di Paola
    Ceci Di Paola

    I really wanna know why Riley and uhm... her ex, broke up! They seem cute and ok together

  • vaida y
    vaida y

    chris reminds me of my ex lol

  • un w
    un w

    5:21 it seems he has some avoidant attachment traits and that's a really painful thing for both sides. he should go to therapy

  • WH

    5:00 "I wish you wouldn't bottle up stuff because it's my job to bottle things up." That's BS and lowkey misogynistic logic

  • Reshu Karanjit
    Reshu Karanjit

    Ow I feel so bad for Brittany! Hugs for her

  • deepankar joshi
    deepankar joshi

    The end is 😂

  • Adam

    This is such an unhealthy bi-product of our society. It’s like all the broken pieces of a puzzle glued to make a Picasso

  • lgx

    Brittany you can be glad you dodged the bullet. What a manchild!

  • Jbird315

    but why are they living together...im confused

  • fred patrick
    fred patrick

    You should definitely do more of these types of cuts for sure....these are 👍

  • Ryan Shannon
    Ryan Shannon

    One side of the family is communists and the other side is anti vax. At least one thing both families have in common is supporting ideas that resulted in millions of deaths

  • Dylan Moore
    Dylan Moore


  • Kaustav Chakraborty
    Kaustav Chakraborty

    That mohawk guy needs to appreciate things better in life

  • pikachuiswatchingyou

    Chris seems to be uncomfortable speaking his and listening to emotions. I hope he'll find a time and space for doing that. Also maybe her ex doesn't make him comfortable either.

  • Moliehi Matlotlo
    Moliehi Matlotlo

    Chris, you're not being fair hey. You need to be completely honest with her so she can have closure. This is rather unkind and selfish of you. She's ready for the truth, no matter how bad it comes across. She is keeping you around in the hope that you'll eventually open up.

  • Sam karam
    Sam karam

    you deserve better brittany

  • Anne Lazarus
    Anne Lazarus

    ugh i was so creeped out listening to her talk about his race... and his face says it all.

  • Malcolm Z
    Malcolm Z

    This is the epitome of AWKWARDNESS.

  • Adaora Elliott
    Adaora Elliott

    At first I was like why is sis staying with a cheater but then that Asian comment came out of her mouth and I was like yikes

  • CiCi

    I was shocked when dude in the orange opened up and said he ended his relationship because he had insecurities about his physical appearance, which he needed to deal with internally. That's a big step👏🏽.

  • Ce’Darian Carter
    Ce’Darian Carter

    It’s hard to see Chris try to display his emotions because society will not accept it.

  • golden1577

    Chris is so immature, I wonder how she got in that situation in the first place because it seems like he has never been fully open with her. It was so awkward to see and I think Britney should cut all losses and just tell him to permanently live at his new apartment now. Weird.

  • Young Schmill Official
    Young Schmill Official

    Homeboys STRAIGHT out the pen. Still has his uniform on

  • Rodney Vincent
    Rodney Vincent

    I hope the commies work some things out and get back together.

  • Pepper Cyanide
    Pepper Cyanide

    Sounds like Santa Barbara has ADHD

  • parnia v.
    parnia v.

    mmmm fetishizing asian men is not it

  • Miguel Vielma
    Miguel Vielma

    Anti vaxx parents have a communist daughter. Full family tragedy

  • Vincent Gonzalez
    Vincent Gonzalez

    Riley and Malachi are the best couple. I love how similar they are while being Soo different. Hope they work things out.

  • PuRe Wolf
    PuRe Wolf

    How is the dude in the orange shirt going to call her parents stupid when he believes in communism

  • Raymond Cruz
    Raymond Cruz

    Sleep together, have different apartments and are sleeping together for the dogs!..... its seems more like the bun don’t wanna leave the hotdog!

  • Kalani Abeywickrama
    Kalani Abeywickrama

    Brittany deserves so much better. Se seema like she's such a genuine person. How could anyone hurt her😭

  • Maina woo bin
    Maina woo bin

    My gaydar is tingling, Chris is gay for sure. He just needs to be honest, move out and let Brittany heal. Sis move on everyone deserves better

    • Karrotlyn

      بندر البندر sex is not just fucking , some people need to feel good about themselves to have sex or even masturbate, when I’m depressed I cannot do it, so it’s possible to sleep in the same bed and nothing happens cause they have inner problems

    • بندر البندر
      بندر البندر

      I agree with u .. there is noway to sleep next to ur ex for several weeks in the same bed without have sex especially she seems does not mined

  • Faisal Al-Enizi
    Faisal Al-Enizi

    The most awkward interview!

  • Isabel

    Do a Part 2

  • Black Hayate
    Black Hayate

    Oh no Chris

  • Seabiscuit

    the commie guys are a really cute couple they should figure things out it feels like it could still work

  • your local pasta enthusiast
    your local pasta enthusiast

    Poor Britney. She's stuck in a sticky situation with a boyfriend who won't even be honest and tell her with he broke up with her.

    • Adaora Elliott
      Adaora Elliott

      He has so much time, he could just write her a letter or a text to explain what he’s thinking so he doesn’t stick his foot in his mouth.

  • Lucas b
    Lucas b

    Homeboy doesn’t look too happy to be back together no cap😂

  • Rainielle Diaz
    Rainielle Diaz

    Oh my god being quarantined with your ex has gotta be so hard!

  • Battery acid
    Battery acid

    So Cut doesn’t think “Commies” is offensive to the millions oppressed by that system? Niceee

  • Brea Jones
    Brea Jones

    Chris has some serious avoidance issues. 👀

  • Al N
    Al N

    that's weird as f.

  • Keep It Movin'
    Keep It Movin'

    Malachi is a cutie (love his beard.) I wonder why he's so self conscious. I have hope for them.

  • Kai Michelle
    Kai Michelle

    Wait wait wait...so the guy behind the camera HASNT been Blaine? Wtf cut

  • OMistG

    That guy that said “they’re all anti-vaxers and I hate em” 😂😂😂 ur my fav bro 😂👏

  • Ridge frost
    Ridge frost

    Gotta be the first time i've seen a black woman jus be really attracted to an Asian guy... its pretty cool, non of that stereotype shit

  • Amber C
    Amber C

    5:10 was so toxic lol he doesn’t have the job to “bottle stuff up” no one in a relationship should do that.

    • Juniper Jupiter
      Juniper Jupiter

      His actions was like looking at my ex's. I feel so bad for Brittany and I just want to hold her and tell her that she'll be okay without him. That he has no right to bottle things up and leave her in the dark. It's the worst feeling ever.

    • Jessica Stephens
      Jessica Stephens

      Amber C fr he wants her to open up but he still hasn’t begun to do that himself

  • Giselle GSR
    Giselle GSR

    i have a feeling that blue santa barbara tshirt guy broke up with her cause he is in the closet.

  • Joshua Richmond
    Joshua Richmond

    Never do this! But great video none the less

  • rk h
    rk h

    that asian guy can grow a viking beard

  • Noelle Perez
    Noelle Perez

    Chris needs to step back and realize all the shit Brittany has / is dealing with and not be such a shitty person ... I understand work is tough and sometimes draining as hell but to spend over 2 YEARS with somebody and not even give her a valid reason as to why they aren’t together or can’t work it out, is bullshit ... Chris disappointed me :( Brittany seems like a sweetheart who just wants to fix things ..

  • LosN Found
    LosN Found

    To the Asian dude and girl with curly hair, I just want you to know, I'm rooting for you. You could both make it last. I can see you're both genuine and you are both fortunate of each other. Yk who's unfortunate? Brittany! Find a man, not a boy.

  • soccer king
    soccer king

    Man had airpods on, Flex much?

  • jesus garcia
    jesus garcia

    Me and my ex are in the same situation lol.

  • soul ctrl
    soul ctrl

    in my opinion it looks like these couples maybe just have had bad communication between each other and not tried to compromisefor a long time. ok I know I don’t know their circumstances...

  • Deep K
    Deep K

    its so creepy when someone dates somebody because of their race

    • J&A R
      J&A R

      @martyymarttt i think its the area where i live. The pickings of good black men are very VERY slim. I tried twice, one ended up being a stalker who would text to let me know my location and that he could see me but when I looked around, he was nowhere to be seen. With the other I ended up in ER drugged after a dinner party. After that my mind said "nope"

    • martyymarttt

      J&A R weird

    • J&A R
      J&A R

      Some people are just attracted to people who are opposite to them. I'm black and I am attracted to black guys sexually but I dont like being on relationships with black men.

  • Mortalityrate

    These people suck

  • WildRage 0_0
    WildRage 0_0

    Chris is definitely a capricorn lmao

    • Brittney Alonzo
      Brittney Alonzo

      Spot on my dude 😂

  • Joeffison Andrade
    Joeffison Andrade

    wow the end is such a big plot twist. 😄

  • Nugget1022

    Britney and Chris are toxic!

  • Maggie Hoff
    Maggie Hoff

    Riley looks underage🙂

  • S O
    S O

    Chris... never get back with Brittany. She bitchy and will get even fatter as time goes on. Brittany, hes just not that into you.

    • Brittney Alonzo
      Brittney Alonzo

      Damn you right my G. How did we ever get by without your advice?

  • Elisa S.
    Elisa S.

    Looks like a straight people problem.

  • Gianna Bruce
    Gianna Bruce

    The couple with the dogs... he has his own place so why is he still there???

  • Elizabeth Lepage
    Elizabeth Lepage

    Cut is so boring when all they do is take shots.

  • Wade Hart
    Wade Hart

    The chick with the half bleached hair looks like she’s 15 years older then her ex

  • Wade Hart
    Wade Hart

    Chris looks like a dumb ass the way he moves this arms and body around when he talks and how he speaks, it’s kinda annoying

    • Brayan Velez
      Brayan Velez

      He might be sus

  • Wade Hart
    Wade Hart

    Brittany is such a cutie

    • Wade Hart
      Wade Hart

      And Chris looks like a dumb ass the way he moves this arms and body around when he talks and how he speaks, it’s kinda annoying

  • India's Art
    India's Art

    I think the reason she can't move. on is bc she needs the full honesty in order to heal and he hasnt come out yet that he's gay

  • Tara

    He lives 15min down the road and they're still sleeping in the same bed?!?! They're not broken up... They're just celebate. 🙄

  • barnabas shakespeare
    barnabas shakespeare

    7:43... he seems like he has a lot of growing up to do. Though it may have seemed that way because the focus was on him, and the way the video was edited

  • KicknitOskool

    Maybe Chris like guys

  • yoyotads

    not trying to be mean but brittany seems like a nightmare

  • Hannah Barnes
    Hannah Barnes

    Brittany and Chris seem like they would be super cute if the got back together.

  • Yas Ma
    Yas Ma

    Chris seems so immature it hurts, I just want to hug Brittany because it looks like chris didn’t take her feelings too seriously at all 😕

    • Alex

      When she started tearing up!! ;(

    • stamp5001

      Chris seems like a Grade A case of ADHD and toxic masculinity

  • Natalie-Grace Carr
    Natalie-Grace Carr

    I love all the outrageous spellings of Malachi in the comments 😂 my favorite so far is "milkai" lol

  • nobody

    cut really edits the fuck out of these interactions sometimes and then people in the videos come argue w people in the comment section bc of how unflattering the portrayal is ... yikes

  • Lovely M
    Lovely M

    He was unfaithful to her? He was unfaithful to her? Wow.

  • MrsM

    I think Riley and her ex will get back together...they seem nice, open and loving with each other.

  • kenji horinouti
    kenji horinouti

    Is little boring by video chat

  • moh ad
    moh ad

    eren Instagram please

  • Zephaniah Milton
    Zephaniah Milton

    Can someone tell me the 7 black sisters insta cause they are funny af

  • Sajan Matharu
    Sajan Matharu

    That dog couple. Boyyyyyy that man isn’t a man. Lmaoooo loser shit

  • SHINING「ジェムーズ」

    So glad theirs some good content...thanks cut☺️

  • Jean-Tell Vlaun
    Jean-Tell Vlaun

    1. You have your own apartments 2. You sleep in the same bed. 3. You don't have sex 4. Sounds like you do it for the sake of the dogs. Yes😅 Sounds like your average divorcing couple to me

  • juan sandoval
    juan sandoval

    It looks to me like a lot of the problems stemmed from the men feeling insecure in their relationship. She is with you for a reason, you did something right, just appreciate yourself more buddies.

  • Ryuri

    The couple with the dogs... that girl needs to gtfo she can do waaaaay better than that douchecanoe

  • Joshua Drell
    Joshua Drell

    Who ever imagined the interviewer we always hear to look like this I didn't

  • McDonald’s Sprite
    McDonald’s Sprite

    Why are you quarantined with your ex is my question 🤦‍♀️

  • RebeccaTaylorish

    Brooke. Now we know the instigator behind all the videos 😂

  • TheBatWho LaughsOO
    TheBatWho LaughsOO

    The communist hates her family because they don’t agree with him politically? He seems very immature.

  • mary sun
    mary sun

    Wait so why is here there if he has his own apartment 15 min away?????????

  • aldale

    Yet they all seem pretty happy and civil. I'm living with my soon-to-be-ex and it's torture.

  • Finesse

    Yes theory should play fear pong

  • Bri L
    Bri L

    When she laughed at his impersonation of her orgasm 😂😂 mee, itself so awkward but funny and true

  • violetpear

    The couple where the woman says she thought he was cute "because he's Asian!" Break up break up break up break up break up

  • Kerri D
    Kerri D

    Damn Malaki let his insecurity ruin a relationship that’s so sad

    • Kyrxon

      Like my ex^^

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